To maximize participation in tender BAEC has increased its registration spread of work categories bringing with it the opportunities of participating and winning tenders where funds are available related usually to operational and developmental activities of client companies. In some categories where possible the term contract will be described in terms of value and next tendering round.

Engineering Design

Currently BAEC is registered in Multi-Discipline (Oil / Gas) Design and Infrastructure Design. BAEC has completed its second three-year call-off contract with BSP e.g. contract / ETSR No. 980094.

Current Design and Technical Services call-off contract sums from early 1998 to early 2001, which has an estimated earning per year of B$1.5 to B$2.0 million.

The first Provision of Engineering Design services e.g. contract No. 005381/EDE/95, BAEC provided up to 200,000 manhours and earned B$14 Million over the three years from 1995 to early 1998.

BAEC is in good position to win the third 3 year call-off Design contract when it is tendered out in March 2004.

Provision of Manpower (BSP)

Manpower supply services to BSP is one area where BAEC will strengthen its market share. This market will grow as BSP / BLNG trim down on their own work force.

Under OPD Provision of Commissioning Engineers two-ear contract (1998 to 2000), BAEC provided several commissioning engineers to BSP Operations Department. BAEC is optimistic to supply this manpower requirements if the Engineering services is awarded by BSP.

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Under HSE, BAEC with associates such as ERM Malaysia has provided environmental impact assessment services with BLNG.

Risk Assessment and emergency response consultancy services are also possible areas where BAEC can provide with BSP.

Training (BSP)

This work category on which BAEC is recently successfully registered holds great promise for BAEC as BSP / BLNG look for cheaper local / required resources to trim down the training budget. Through BSP / BLNG training requirements are increased as the companies are trimming down expats and required personnels.

To augur a great start in this training market, BAEC has signed a contract to delver training on commissioning of switch gears.

Technical Training on Electrical Instrumentation, Process Engineering and Production Engineering will be pursued over the next few years to provide a good revenue stream for BAEC.

Training in management and development subjects will also be pursued.

Production Support Services

BAEC will pursue to provide production and related specialist services to BSP Operations under the new tender which will be awarded in the middle of year 2004.

Inspection Engineering Services

BAEC will also participate on the next tender for the provision of Certification and Plant Integrity Management Services, Specialist Inspection and NDT Services and Computerized Inspection Administration Services (BSP Services Department).


Instrumentation Non-Specialist category is one area where BAEC with its electrical engineering strength is looking out to develop an E&T contracting capability.


Mechanical of Landfield and specialist category hold good prospect.


BSP Domestic / Industrial work categories are areas where BAEC has inhouse strength and will participate in tender.

Other Construction and Maintenance

Under EPM projects will be in the form of EPC, EPFC and EPIC for which BAEC will participated with current associates like Brown & Root, Adinin Engineering Works, Hyundai, etc.

BAEC earned B$4.0 million in Engineering Management and Design Services in the EPIC project with Hyundai on AMPD-30 from 1995-1997. Whereas in the EPIC project fof CP 7 Debottlenecking with Brown & Root, BAEC earned B$3.0 million for Engineering Services. This trend will continue as there are several EPIC projects in the BSP work programme.


Telecommunication consultancy (SES / 2 ) and General Installations and Maintenance services will be pursued by BAEC.

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