BAEC Civil Engineering Department consist of engineers whom have extensive experience in design of industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment, conventional and special hydraulic design for fluid conveyance (water, petroleum, chemicals etc), hydrologic studies, design of storm retention / detention facilities, general civil site work for industrial, commercial, municipal infrastructure.

BAEC Civil Engineering Department was responsible for design of various industrial projects such as Bitumen Depot, Petrol Stations and Jetties, BAEC completed the design and project management of Muara Jetty for Fish Landing Complex.

BAEC is involved in design and project management of Lumapas Infrastructure for housing community and the scope consist of installing drainage system, main water pipeline, sewerage line, wastewater treatment, electrical power and telephone system.

BAEC current project is the development of Kuala Lurah area into industrial estate which will include light, medium and heavy duty industries. The site is a 146 hectare forest and swampy area which will be converted into and industrial site with infrastructure of international standard. The work includes a network of road, a 4,000 cu.m treated water tank, 12,000 cu. m /day waste water treatment plant, pipelines for water distribution, drainage, sewerage, electrical & communication infrastructure. The project shall be developed three phases and the schedule of completion is 2012.

BAEC provides a full range of planning, architectural, engineering and construction administration services to Brunei Government. BAEC broadens the customary definition of infrastructure from roads, water, storm water, wastewater and sanitary systems to include such facilities as industrial sites, housing, parks and public buildings.

Often, many public infrastructure projects have a broad scope, as a result, BAEC has pulled together a skilled staff that includes architects, landscape architects an urban planners, as will as general civil, transportation, bridge, traffic, water resources, utilities, structural, environmental, mechanical and electrical engineers to insure every aspect of the project is addressed. BAEC is engaged in the Master Planning of Mengkabau Housing Scheme. It is 680 hectares of underdeveloped land in Muara District.

BAEC completed the Lumapas Dam in 1998 well on schedule. The dam is one of the major projects of His Majesty's Government to provide irrigation to nearby areas of Lumapas and Kuala Lurah.


BAEC Structural Engineering Department consists of experienced engineers with extensive experience in design of heavy structures such as Dams, Offshore Platforms, Buildings, Towers and other structures. Our engineers are conversant in STAAD, SACS and other structural engineering software.

BAEC used SESAM and SACS software analyse AMDP-12 platform and Champion De-bottlenecking Project for Brunei Shell Petroleum which include analysis such as 3D Launch time history analysis, flotation and upending analysis, including gravity, buoyancy, sling and tank load generation and launch, transportation inertia and upending load generation.

BAEC also uses STAAD Pro 2006 for static, dynamic or pushover analysis of bridges, containment strcutures, embedded structures (tunnels and culverts), pipe racks, steel, concrete, aluminium or time building, transmission towers, stadiums or any other simple or complex structure, STAAD Pro has also been the choice of BAEC engineers for our spcific analysis needs.

BAEC engineers can perform foundation analysis such as non-liner pile / soil interaction and code check for tubular and non-tubular pile cross-sections, API, P-Y, T-Z, skin friction and adhesion soil data generation, equivalent linearized pile element of stiffness matrix creation, pile fatigue analysis. Dynamic analysis are some cumbersome analysis that are performed. Animated mode shapes, earthquake response spectrum and time history analysis, deterministic and random dynamic wave response analysis, equivalent static load and modal acceleration techniques.

BAEC utilize state-of-the-art software to analyse elements such as beam, plate, shell, solid and non-liner gap elements, reinforced concrete sections, including bi-axial beam columns, stiffened cylinder and box cross-section.

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